L&NBridge Photos - Cincinnati Approach
All photos this page by JakeMecklenborg
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View from Taylor-Southgate Bridge.

Cincinnati approach near Serpentine Wall.

Underneath Cincinnati approach.

Cincinnati approach viewed from handicapped ramp.

Underneath one of the three large arches.

The bottom of the handicapped ramp submerged during high wather.

View of the bridge from the Serpentine Wall.

View of east side of the bridge from the handicapped ramp.

View of Taylor-Southgate Bridge and Yeatman's Cove Park from Cincinnatiapproach --
these railroad tracks have been inactive since 1987.

View of the Serpentine Wall and Taylor-Southgate Bridge from the L&N.

L&N main span from the Cincinnati approach.

This part of the old railroad approach was converted to pedestrianuse in 1988.

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Info panel -- click to enlarge.

Abandoned railroad approach viaduct.

Remainder of old cantilevered street car track.

Remainder of old cantilevered street car track.

Dismantling of the 3rd St. approach ramp -- June 2003.

Dismantled 3rd St. approach -- June 2003.

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