Mt. Adams Retaining Wall

Mt. Adams experienced a series of landslides during constructionof I-471 which required, aside from the demolition of dozens of hillsidebuildings, a complete redesign of the hill's planned retaining walls. The post-tensioned retaining wall pictured here was not originally planned,and its design and construction delayed completion of I-471 by nearly adecade.

These photos were sent to me by an individual who askedto remain anonymous.  I do not have any detailed information regardingthe wall's construction or its maintenance.  Please do not email mewith questions about the wall -- I do not have the answers and do not knowwhere to direct you to find them.

Close-up of pilings

Elevator building west end

East end vent

Close-up of west end

Look up elevator shaft

Looking east in tunnel

#2 piling anchor point

Looking west in tunnel

Looking east in tunnel

Looking west near #23

Looking west near #29

#11 cap

Jig for holding removed caps

Bulged Cap due to snapped tendon

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