Dalton St. Tunnel

More an underpass than a tunnel,Dalton St. runs 500ft. north/south underneath Union Terminal's approachand fountain, parallel to the station's facade. It is 3 lanes wide, with1 northbound and 2 southbound. The walls are composed of an unusual accordion-likefolding, interrupted by doors and old loading docks. Ventilation is providedby 4 unevenly placed circular grates, which are inconspicuous in the terminal'slandscaping above. 2 abandoned staircases are located at each portal, whichoriginally connected Dalton St. with the terminal's front plaza. The tunnelwas completely underwater in the 1937 flood. Recently in November 2000,a gang of 70 demonstrators protesting the Transatlantic Business Dialoguebeing held downtown marched into the tunnel, and then were cornered bypolice in riot gear who blocked the entrances. There was no violence andthe protesters were allowed out.

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